jueves, mayo 22, 2008


t's the first time that an electric pedal assisted E-Bike, it's a Frisbee Softbike, participated not officially at a classic Dolomites-Bike-Roundtrip lasting 6 days, held in the enhancing scenario of the Dolomite mountains in Alto-Adige/Südtirol Italy. The special prepaired Frisbee Softbike from the Italian producer Tecnocarbur, participated all 6 up-hill-racings of the length of about 10 km and an altitude difference of over 1000 m each, reaching best results and also a first time at time measurement! The e-biker was intentionally not a bike-racer, but an over 60 amateur biker, to demonstrate that, also in his sixties, a person can enjoy the freedom to participate at wonderful roundtrips!

martes, mayo 06, 2008

Pancalieri, Italia.

Cletero: R.L.
Distancia: ~70km
Fecha: Domingo 4 de mayo.

El domingo que pasó necesitaba botar mucha energía. Y sirvió, pude llegar a Pancalieri, que al momento era el lugar más lejano. También pasé por Brillante y me saque la super foto con la nueva compañera.

al final, me reencontré. Volví relajado a casa.

fotos en: http://picasaweb.google.com/diariobicicleta/PancalieriMayo

¡Cletear o Morir!